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Workplace Investigations

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Practice Areas Workplace Investigations

Employers require independent, objective and reliable investigative reports. A properly conducted harassment investigation is an investment in loss prevention. All too often, an employer fails to act in a timely or objective manner, to determine if a complaint has merit. By taking no action, or improper action, everyone in the workplace may suffer: the complainant who feels “abandoned”, the person accused who feels “betrayed”, other employees who no longer trust the “system”, and the employer whose employee retention rate may suffer. Avoid the risk of a workplace complaint escalating into a formal human rights complaint or civil claim by retaining Dr. Forsythe to work with management and union representatives to design a fair investigative protocol, conduct an objective investigation into the merit of the complaint, and prepare a report with unbiased findings and practical recommendations. Dr. Forsythe has delivered investigative reports for employers in the public, private and academic sectors. She is also available to provide independent, neutral and confidential Ombuds services to help corporations and their employees resolve disputes in an informal and cost effective manner.

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“90% of workplace harassment is never officially reported”

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