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Family Law

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Planning to live together? Or live apart? Either way, an enforceable agreement is essential to protect your financial future. If you have assets, and want to build a new relationship, a well drafted cohabitation or pre-nuptial agreement can preserve your property while setting out legal expectations for future financial growth. If you’ve worked hard to provide and care for a family, separation and divorce may be necessary steps toward attaining an independent future. A fair division of family property, coupled with parenting plans and financial support for children, can secure peace of mind and your new life. Dr. Forsythe’s experience as a family law lawyer and family mediator assists individuals to attain these goals. Her approach is practical and reasonable when negotiating; yet, solid and firm when advocating in Family Court. Dr. Forsythe provides strong legal guidance, fairness and a steady pace toward resolution, for her family law clients.

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"Everything you do now is for your future"

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