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Dr Gail Forsythe, Lawyer & Mediator

Admitted to the Alberta Bar 1987

Dr. Gail H. Forsythe is listed in Canada’s “Who’s Who”. She served as the first Ombudsperson in North America to assist law firms and their employees to resolve workplace discrimination complaints. Her litigation and mediation practice has
been ongoing since 1987. She was admitted to the British Columbia Bar in 1993.


Dr. Gail H. Forsythe’s law practice blends her passion for the law and mediation, with her love of animals. As at 2021, she mediated over 500 human rights complaints, family, personal injury, commercial, child protection and estate litigation files in Alberta, BC and Texas; resulting in a higher than average settlement rate.

Her experience in animal law, family law, child protection, employment, workplace harassment investigation, ombuds services, mediation, policy design, personal injury and real estate conveyancing gives her clients access to a wide range of experience and problem solving skills. She regularly appears before administrative tribunals to advocate on behalf of owners and professionals who are subject to disciplinary proceedings. She also assists animal buyers and breeders with contract design; and family or business partners to divide assets, including ownership of animals.


Since 1987, her clients have included professional regulatory bodies, corporations, academic institutions, public sector employers, not for profit groups, small business owners, professionals, and a diverse individuals in need of legal services.

Dr. Gail H. Forsythe obtained her Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) from Duke Law School, 2002. Her Masters of Law is also from Duke (1991). Her undergraduate degrees are in Law (1986) and in Adult Education with Distinction (1981), from the University of Alberta. She was certified as a Mediator by the Attorney-Mediator’s Institute, Dallas, Texas (1992); and as a Commercial & Family Mediator, Legal Education Society of BC (1995). She served as Executive Director, of the Cultural
Diversity Institute, University of Calgary, promoting workplace diversity.


She taught Legal Ethics while Assistant Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta and Mediation Law at the University of British Columbia Law Faculty. She is a published author. Dr. Forsythe is a popular guest speaker; having delivered many seminars to the judiciary, lawyers and employees, about mediation, human rights in the workplace, the conduct of administrative hearings, animal contracts and workplace policies. She received the Alberta Pro Bono volunteer of the year award, for sole practitioners, in 2019.

Dr. Forsythe’s favourite leisure activity is travel and judging international championship dog shows. Her dogs are World Winners and Champions in many countries. She is a recipient of the American Kennel Club’s outstanding sportsmanship award.

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Dr Gail Forsythe, Lawyer & Mediator


Dr. Gail Forsythe’s vision is to make a difference, in the life of each client. Success is not measured by money, but by client satisfaction. Her personal attention to the diversity of client needs and detail, is her foundation. She believes that legal services need to be flexible, responsive and innovative, in today’s fast paced digital world. In a world that is increasingly impersonal, clients need and deserve to be heard. Dr.Forsythe’s vision is to combine empathy and understanding with strategic thinking, regardless of the
monetary values at stake.

"Success is the difference you make in people’s lives"

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The law is not rigid. The law, in its interpretation, may be bent like a willow. If pushed too far, the branches of justice will snap. Lawyers have a duty to advocate vigorously for their clients; while at the same time, remaining true to their oath as officers of the Court. Honouring professional obligations, and adhering to ethical and professional responsibilities, are important values in the delivery of quality legal services. Dr. Forsythe applies these values every day, in her law practice. She and her clients can be proud of results achieved, while remaining true to the principles of justice. Dr. Forsythe taught Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility at the University of Alberta Law School. She also passed the California professional ethics bar exam.

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