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There is a better way!! Mediation is a confidential process that creates opportunities for people in dispute to share their point of view. Mediation is a process that allows people to be heard, while knowing that, to the extent provided by law, what is said, cannot be used in Court. Mediation is a process where a sincere “off the record” apology, in even the most complex commercial or family case, can go a long way toward resolution. Mediation can result in early settlement, save countless hours of valuable time and preserve precious financial resources. Whether a family dispute over parenting, primary child care, animal ownership or property division, family mediation can set the foundation for more collaborative parenting in the future. Whether a workplace harassment case, contract dispute, partnership disagreement, estate dispute, personal injury claim or child protection case, Dr. Forsythe has the experience to assist parties to find resolution. Her family and commercial mediation certification from Texas and British Columbia prepared her to deliver mediation services to assist people, and their lawyers, to resolve matters quickly and economically. She has mediated or served as neutral on approximately 500 cases; resulting in a higher than average dispute resolution rate. Dr. Forsythe also assists parties and their lawyers to conduct a confidential risk analysis, to identify outcomes and devise innovative solutions. Give yourself the chance for success and peace of mind, by selecting mediation to resolve your dispute.

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"A good settlement is better than a good lawsuit"

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