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Lawyer & Mediator

Dr Gail Forsythe
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is the difference you make in people’s lives.”


Dr. Gail Forsythe’s vision is to make a difference, in the life of each client. Success is not measured by money, but by client satisfaction. Her personal attention to the diversity of client needs and detail, is her foundation. She believes that legal services need to be flexible, responsive and innovative, in today’s fast paced digital world. In a world that is increasingly impersonal, clients need and deserve to be heard. Dr.Forsythe’s vision is to combine empathy and understanding with strategic thinking, regardless of the monetary values at stake.


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Administrative Law

Discipline hearings are tough business. A professional regulatory body’s decision can impact your reputation, your financial ...

Animal Law

Our pets are our passion! Passion can become heated, when animal owners have opposite perspectives.
Breeders, animal buyers...

Family Law

Planning to live together? Or live apart? Either way, an enforceable agreement is essential to protect your financial future...

Human Rights

Stereotypes, harassment, and unequal pay … despite  advances in human rights law, people continue to face issues related to race...


There is a better way!! Mediation is a confidential process that creates opportunities for two people, or multiple people...

Workplace Investigations

Employers require independent, objective and reliable investigative reports. A properly conducted
harassment investigation...


Mission Statement

Serve people with integrity, economy and delivery of effective solutions.

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